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  • The most trusted Partition Recovery Tool to restore formatted, deleted, or lost partition on any storage device, both on Windows and Mac OS X
  • Easily recovers partitions deleted from a repartitioned hard drive or during dual boot installation
  • Recover NTFS / FAT partition data from Laptops even after OS reinstallation
  • Restore data from corrupted partitions with its powerful built-in algorithms
  • Supports corrupted partition recovery on non-booting hard drives

Lost valuable partition from your hard drive and need to recover it?

Dealing with computers is sometimes not an easy task, because it’s always prone to data loss. Therefore, you need to be prepared for any sort of disaster that can arise at any point of time. When it comes to losing an important partition of your hard disk, it would rather sound like a nightmare. You just cannot afford losing your valuable data right in front of your eyes.

The data loss instances are likely to occur when the computer shuts down all of a sudden due to a power outage. As a result, the partition data that are being used at that time could not be saved properly. So the next time you log in, you will find that you have lost an entire partition. This type of situation may leave you disgusted but, do not be desperate. This is because, though the partition is not accessible, it still exists there in the hard drive. The partition is inaccessible because of corruption. The partition might have been corrupted after a sudden power failure. However, the lost partition remains in the hard disk until it is overwritten. So, all you can do is to use partition recovery tool, to restore your lost partition. Partition recovery software is a complete solution to partition related issues. You just have to download it and retrieve the lost partition just in few clicks.

However, a brief knowledge regarding the other possible partition loss scenarios can surely save you from huge data loss disasters.

Some other partition loss related issues:

  • While shrinking a partition: Partition shrinking is required, when you want to remove some unused space from a partition. After shrinking that partition, you can add that extra space to the partition which has less disk space. However, any interruption during the partition shrinking process could lead to partition loss.
  • MFT corruption: MFT or Master File Table is a crucial part of NTFS file system architecture. It stores information like file name, contents and permissions of all files of that NTFS partition.  MFT references the files as the system search and locates data to perform read/write operation to the disk. However, the MFT of the NTFS partitions is damaged due to extensive fragmentation and leads to partition loss.
  • Damaged HFS File system in Mac Volume: HFS is advanced file system architecture on Mac developed by Apple Inc. It can be corrupted due to a power outage, hardware failure, improper system shut down or virus infection.
  • Partition Scheme Incompatibility: Intel-based Mac computers are compatible with Apple Partition scheme, whereas PowerPC Mac can only be used with GUID partition scheme. The incompatibility issue arises when you try to install Mac OS X on an Intel based hard drive volume. As a result, you encounter error messages like “You cannot install Mac OS X on this volume; Mac OS X cannot start up this volume”.

Precautionary Step:

Do not use the hard drive from which the partition is deleted/lost to avoid overwriting of the lost partition data.

Top Features of the Partition Recovery Program are:

  • Guide you on how to recover lost partition from External HDD on Windows 7 ,8, 10, XP, Vista, Windows Server 2008/2003 in simple yet effective steps
  • Scans the entire hard drive for the deleted/lost partitions and restores them straightaway
  • Supports RAW partition recovery both on Windows and Mac operating systems (both 32 bit and 64 bit).
  • Recovers data from formatted partition/volume even after the reinstallation of the operating system
  • Supports Mac HFS and HFSX volume recovery on Lion and other higher Mac OS X versions like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Yosemite, Mavericks, El Capitan and Sierra.

Few easy steps to restore lost partition:

  1. Install the partition recovery tool on any other healthy computer’s hard drive and launch it. Connect the affected hard drive as a slave to the computer. After successful launching, you will get a welcome screen. Choose “Recover Partition / Drive” from the main screen.
  2. Partition Recovery Program - Recover Drives

  3. After that click on “Partition Recovery” option from the next window.
  4. Partition Recovery Program - Recover Partition

  5. Then select the appropriate logical drive to be restored and click on “Next” to start the partition restore process. Once partition recovery is over, you can view all the partition data retrieved by the software.
  6. Partition Recovery Program - View Recovered Files


The best option to avoid partition loss is backup. Backup your partition data regularly to overcome partition loss in future. Use an UPS in your computer to avoid partition corruption after power outage.

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