How Do I Compress Files on My Hard Drive?

Compress Hard Drive Data with Great Ease

Compressing is one of the best to minimize the memory space consumed by the files and folders over any storage device. On computer hard drive there are several files that are of very less importance but consume a very large amount of memory space. Such files can be compressed and kept at any of the required location so that the can be used at any instance of time. But the problem is that most of the computer users don’t know how to compress any file or folder and when the requirement arises for such task, the frequent question that they ask is how do I compress files on my hard drive.

Any computer hard drive has got limited memory space and after certain period of time they get filled up and in such situation if they need to save any other new file they have to delete some of the files. In case, if you don’t wish to delete any of the files from computer embedded hard drive then, the simplest way to overcome such dilemma situation is making use of tool that can compress the files. When the compression of file or folder is done, size of file or folder gets smaller at a very considerable late. One of such tool is Remo MORE which is usually recommended by the experts of computer or laptop.

One of the other advantages of compressing any file is that it can be protected from any unauthorized access. When any file is created under general circumstances it is having no special protection from eavesdropping, thereby leaving scope for unauthorized access by someone. Password protection is important for those users who generally work upon some of the important projects that if shared with some one leads to breaching of code o conduct. When the files are encrypted while compression of the file the chances of corruption of file due to virus attack is also minimal. The files when compressed can be decompressed at any of the required time by usage of same Remo MORE software.

Remo MORE is very user friendly software which develops the compressed in very minimal amount of time because of its outstanding graphic user interface. This software is capable too compress number of files irrespective of the file format in limited period of time. Remo MORE allows its users to create compressed file using different compression methods having different levels. The other advantageous aspect of making use of this software is that it allows creation of zip file in either .rzip format or .zip format. Once the zip file is created using these software users can easily make use of this tool to unzip compressed files and folders. After the files are compressed they can be saved at any of the storage device with great ease. If required this software capabilities can be easily used on several versions Windows or Mac based operating system.

Follow Simple Steps to Compress Files on Hard Drive:

Step 1: First, download and install this application on your computer. After launching it, open Compress and Burn option from Manage Screen as shown in Figure 1.

How Do I Compress Files on My Hard Drive - Compress and Burn

Figure 1: Compress and Burn

Step 2: On Compress and Burn window choose Create New Rzip File option as shown in Figure 2.

Compress Data on Hard Drive - Select Create New Rzip File

Figure 2: Create New Rzip File

Step 3: At last select the files or folders which you wish to compress and then choose according options to complete compression procedure as shown in Figure 3.

Compress Files on Computer Hard Drive - Select File/Folder and Compress

Figure 3: Select File/Folder and Compress