Data Recovery Program

How to Recover Data on Hard Drive?

Data is asset for every computer user. It is common that user finds that some important facts have been deleted by mistake. This situation may be hectic and painful for user. However, the solution of this problem can be implementing data recovery software. Data recovery is the process of retrieving unreachable or corrupt data from hard drive or other storage device that has been corrupted or damaged. When you come to know that data has been lost from your storage media, stop using it immediately, because it will increase the chances of data recovery, otherwise data may get overwritten which leads to permanent data loss.

Some common data loss scenarios are like formatting of wrong drive, improper operation and sudden system shutdown. Among the aforementioned data loss scenarios the prominent one is formatting the hard disk. Need for formatting any hard drive partition usually happens when user need to wipe content of such partition all at once or partition is needed for installation of new OS. However, during selection of logical drive for formatting user commits a mistake, by selecting wrong drive, which is lacking proper backup, thereby paving way for a very regretful situation. To get rid of this situation it is advisable by number of industry experts to use software, which is very much capable to rescue lost data in scenario like this.

Another common scenario which involves data loss could be abrupt system shutdown. Suppose user is working with system, which is lacking power backup, and suddenly power goes off and system gets shutdown improperly may lead to corruption hard drive. This may lead to corruption of MBR and thus making its resident contents inaccessible. Now if user wants to recover such files or folder from corrupted partition, it is would be best to make use of data recovery program as early as possible. Corruption of file system or partition table is also possible scenario of data loss, where chances of losing data are fair enough. Files on the HDD become unreadable due to damage of partition table. To read those sectors software based recovery program can be used. Such kind of corruption on file system or partition table usually happens due to virus intrusion over computer hard Disk drive. Then also, you can restore data from that corrupted HD partition using this software. To know more, visit

It does not matter how you have lost your important data from your hard disk, it can be recovered back by means of this phenomenal recovery tool. Among the online available recovery software, Partition Recovery Program is such a tool, which is capable of recovering data from all type of storage devices. It supports Windows and Mac both operating systems and recovers data from file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, and ExFAT. This tool is also well equipped to recover files under different other circumstances such as error while partitioning or repartitioning, MFT corruption, interruption while making data transfer and much more. The hard drive which has become raw due can also be easily recovered and that too without sparing any long time over it. You can get back partition from Seagate hard disk and other brand hard disks like Samsung, Western Digital, Maxtor, Hitachi, etc. using this software. This application is very useful to recover complete volume on different Mac system. If you need to recover all information from a dead volume on MacBook, you can follow this link:

Note: Visit this link to know about how to recover files from inaccessible partition on any Windows or Mac system.

Steps to Recover Data on Hard Disk:

Step 1: Download the Data Recovery Software and install it on the computer. Launch the software and select appropriate option from the main screen of the software wizard as shown in figure 1.

Data Recovery Program - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select Logical Drive from the list of Drives available on the "Next" screen.

Data Recovery Program - Select Logical Drive

Figure 2: Select Logical Drive


Step 3: Once you done with scanning process, you can see recovered partition data by clicking on "Preview" button as shown in figure 3. Finally save recovery session to avoid rescanning of your hard disk.

Data Recovery Program - Recovered Data

Figure 3: Recovered Data

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