Save Deleted Partition

Restore Deleted HDD Partition

We split our computer hard drive in some different logical areas for efficient handling of data and each section is called partition. User can store different data type in different partition that results efficient and quick access of data. Other than that partition helps us to install more than one operating system in a single computer. Beside these advantages, we have to face partition deletion problem when we perform some operation on partition. You may be frustrated when your important data will be deleted along with the deleted partition. However, here is a perfect solution to remove your frustration and get back all the deleted partition data. You can save deleted partition by using the Partition Recovery Program because they are still exist in your system after deletion though you cannot view them. Let us discuss few common deletion scenarios where the utility is so efficient in partition recovery.

Firstly, partitions are frequently deleted accidentally due to human error. It mostly happens when we use Windows Disk Management Utility to delete any partition. Trying to delete a partition if you select other partition obviously all data will be deleted with that partition. When you use this program to resize or create a partition and you are getting some errors like “cannot allocate or de-allocate memory” or “not enough space”. When these errors are occurred it means OS cannot access the existing partition and data may be deleted from there. Don’t be afraid, in all these cases you can restore the partition very easily by using the partition recovery application. Usually users face same kind of problem on NTFS partition as well, click on this URL to know more:

Partition may also be deleted due to attack of external threats. These threats actually attack the boot sector of the hard drive. Boot sector contains the important information needed to load OS and when it gets corrupted you have to reformat the hard drive. At that time, if any error occurs it may results in deletion of any partition on your hard disk. But, you can recover the deleted partition with all the data with the efficient use of the partition recovery tool. With deleted partition recovery, you can also use it to restore lost hard drive on Windows 7, XP, and Vista within a few second.

Sometimes, we change the file system of a partition as per our requirement from an older version to the newer version like FAT 32 to NTFS. During this conversion, an interruption is occurred and you get a message like “Insufficient Disk Space for Conversion”. Then the partition may deleted from the hard drive and become invisible to you. If you are using HP laptop, then also you can restore partition data in efficient way using the advance application. Master File Table is a vital part of the file system of NTFS file system. It stores details like access; file name, content, size about file stored in the partition. So, of MFT of any partition get corrupted data cannot be accessed or NTFS partition may be lost. Then you can use this proficient application to restore all information from the deleted partition very easily. This software has so many other features that you can use it in both Windows and Mac to restore partition and volumes respectively. If you want to recover HFS volume from your Mac Book Pro visit the link:

Follow the steps to recover deleted partitions :

Step1: Download the free version of Partition Recovery Program software in your computer and after launching the Main Screen will be displayed as shown in Figure 1. Among the three options select "Recover Partitions / Drives" option to recover deleted partitions.

Save Deleted Partition - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step2: Aafter that from thr next screen select the "Partition Recovery" option as shown in Figure 2. Then, the next screen will come and select the drive from which deleted partitions need to be recovered. Once you will click on "Next" the scanning process will start.

Save Deleted Partition - Select Partition To Recover Files

Figure 2: Select Drive To Recover Files

Step3: After completion of the scanning process, the recovered files can be viewed by "File Type View / Data View" option. you can also use "Smart Scan" option to find a huge file. Here you can also view the file before saving using "Preview" option after right clicking on it.

Save Deleted Partition - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 3: Recovered Files

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