How to Delete Junk Files from Hard Drive?

Best Tool to Clean Junk Files from HDD

When hard disk drive of your computer is full of junk files, everything will be going slow. Performance of your computer will be drastically degraded and you will face a big problem in every operation. It may take more time to boot or to launch an application. The hard drive of a computer is cluttered with redundant data over time and loses its speed slightly without our knowledge. We come to know about it when the system become very slow and hard drives are filled with huge amount of unnecessary data. Then, you must want to speed up your computer with ease, which will be possible after deleting junk file from the computer. In that case, Remo MORE software will be appropriate tool to delete junk files from hard drive.

You can delete junk files from hard drive manually and it will be useful in different way. First of all, large number of junk files takes huge amount of memory space on disk. Since, the hard drive has finite space on disk, it may be filled with junk files after long use of computer. Eventually, your system will lose its speed. Then, you should delete junk files from hard drive to regain the speed of computer. To accomplish this operation, you have to follow some simple steps. First, click on Windows icon and go to Control Panel; then got ‘System and Security’ option from here. After that, go to Administrative Tools and click on ‘Free up disk space’. It will open a disk clean up window where you have to select the appropriate drive and click on OK. After scanning the drive, it will show list of file that can be free. Click on OK to complete this process.

Hard drive on computer may also be filled with junk files after browsing internet. When you browse internet with different browser, so many information are store on your computer. Every browser stores all history of the sites you visited, keeps track of download history, stores cookies, cache and many other information. Size of all this information continuously increases and stored on hard drive as junk file. If it occupies major part of disk space, performance of the computer is affected. Apart from that, when you open any application or document, some temporary files is generated automatically and they stored in the drive. After a long time, thousands of file are generated and make your computer slow. To regain speed of your system, you have to delete junk files from hard drive using this Remo MORE tool.

Although, you can find and delete those unnecessary file from hard drive manually, use of a third party application like Remo MORE will be very helpful. For manual deletion, you have to follow a proper procedure where this tool performs this operation automatically. You can schedule this program on daily or weekly basis to delete junk files from hard drive automatically. Remo MORE software is designed with simple user interface so that both professional and novice user can use it easily.

Steps to Delete Junk Files from Hard Drive:

Step 1: First, download and install this application on your computer. After launching it, click on "One Click Maintenance" option.

How to Delete Junk Files from Hard Drive - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: After a quick scanning, size of junk files and other issues will be listed as shown below. Now, you have to click on "Fix Issues" option.

How to Delete Junk Files from Hard Drive - Fix Issues

Fig 2: Fix Issues

Step 3: In this window, you can see the progress of cleaning operation and fix all other issues automatically.

How to Delete Junk Files from Hard Drive - Cleaning Junk Files

Fig 3: Cleaning Junk Files