Recover lost partition from External HDD on Windows 7

Did you lose a partition from External hard drive in Windows 7?

Then this article is the all-in-one solution for you!!

External hard disks are mainly used for backup purpose. They are safe to store and transport important data as they do not contain any moving parts. You just can connect them to any computer and access and share the data needed. But what if data from the external hard drive itself is lost??? You just removed the external hard drive accidentally from your computer and the next time you try to access it but failed!!!! An entire partition of your external hard drive is lost!!! Did it happen because you removed it accidentally? Will you be ever able to access the lost partition data from the external HDD? What exactly happened to the partition? All these questions must be peeping inside you head.

Don’t Worry!!! All your queries will be answered in this article. By the time you finish this article you will have a clear idea about the partition loss scenarios and the recovery procedure as well. However, first you need to understand the root cause of partition loss in the above case.

When you remove an external drive from your Windows computer, Windows 7 is not aware of it. Thus Windows 7 OS cannot determine whether all the data transfer is completed successfully before the device is removed or not. This type of behavior may badly affect system files that are responsible for making the partition ready to be accessed. Therefore, the next time when you try to access that partition, it has become inaccessible.

But the lost partition is not lost forever. It will be still occupying the same memory space in the external hard drive until some new files are saved into that space. Therefore, you can restore the lost partition from external HDD using HDD partition restore tool. However, to avoid overwriting of the lost partition, do not save any new files to the external hard drive after the partition is lost.

You may also lose a partition from the hard drive of the computer. In such cases, you can recover files from even the lost partition of the computer in the same way as you could recover from the external hard drives. You need not to think on how to restore Windows partition and crack your head. The recovery software does recover the lost or deleted partitions from the hard drive.

However, there are some other scenarios of partition loss on Windows 7 which are explained below:

External Hard Drive Crash: Sometimes, the external hard drive may crash when it is attached to your computer. The reason behind such behavior may be operating system malfunction, software incompatibility, sudden power failure, sudden system reboot etc. The entire external hard drive becomes inaccessible to the user after it crashed.

Improper system shut down: If the computer is accidentally shutdown when the files in the external hard drive are open, the files as well as the entire partition in the external hard drive could get corrupt. Then, to restore data from that damaged partition, this application will be appropriate. For Windows 8 users, this link will be more helpful to perform the recovery operation:

Accidentally deleting a partition: Partition from the external hard drive could get deleted accidentally while creating a new partition or resizing the existing partition in it. This happens due to less understanding of Windows Disk Management utility usage.

Unintentional formatting / reformatting: Formatting / reformatting a wrong partition of external hard drive on Win 7 also cause serious data loss issues. Generally the user did not backup the formatted partition data as it is done accidentally. Therefore, use of partition restore utility is a must in such case.

Though you have lost the partitions from the external HDD, using partition recovery program you can effortlessly recover them. The features of this software are specially meant for partition recovery.

The software can recover the partition deleted / lost due to any of the above scenario from the external HDD. The software supports partition recovery on various popular Windows operating systems. It can retrieve NTFS partition data from HP Pavilion Laptop deleted during disk conversion. The software also supports formatted partition recover in case you have not taken proper data backup. You can easily perform partition recovery on Western Digital hard disk after quick format using this software. It works well on both Windows and Mac operating system. HFS and HFS+ are the native file system architectures for Mac OS X which can become inaccessible due to partition map corruption or volume header corruption. The software supports MacBook Pro HFSX file system recovery on Mac Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard and many more. In addition, it can perform recovery of corrupted partitions after MFT damage in NTFS file system.

The steps which are to be followed to restore lost partitions on external hard disk on Win 7 are as follows:

Step-1: Download and install the demo version of partition recovery software on your computer’s hard drive. Connect the external hard drive to it. Select “Recover Partitions / Drives” option from the main screen, after launching the software. Then select any of the two options from the next screen according to your scenario.

Srep-2: After that choose the connected hard drive as the logical drive to be recovered and click on “Next”. Once partition recovery process is over you can view all the recovered data from your lost partition.

Always safely remove the external hard drive in order to avoid partition loss in the future. Read all the instructions carefully while repartitioning or reformatting the external hard disk.

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