Mac OS X Volume Recovery

How to Recover Volumes on Mac OS X?

Nowadays, most of the people prefer Mac computer because of its so many excellent features as i7 processor, simple user interface, flash based architecture that makes it very fast. Besides that, hard drive of Mac computers allows us to store a huge amount of data. To handle this massive amount of information, we divide total hard disk in some volumes. Even after careful handling of data, some situation arises when we lose important files. This problem becomes more serious if you delete any volume from the hard disk on Mac. With deletion of the volume, all data in that volume is also deleted. Then you need a suitable application for Mac OS X volume recovery, which can revive information from that Mac volume. In such case, Partition Recovery Program is the appropriate for you.

You may delete volumes from your Mac hard disk unintentionally. In case, when you attempt to delete any unwanted volume from your system you may accidentally select a wrong volume and delete it. Then you will lose all files and folders from that volume in that moment. The volume from the Mac hard disk may also get deleted if any error occurs at the time of disk partitioning. Sometimes, a person with technical knowledge can do a mistake at the time of partitioning of hard disk and an important drive can be deleted from the computer. Other than that, Mac volume may also get deleted at the time of re-installation of operating system or due to frequent power failures. But in all these cases, you can employ this advanced utility to revive Mac hard disk partition easily.

There are also some reasons of losing Mac volume from your system. Corruption of file system of the Mac volume is a vital reason of volume loss. File system of Mac volume may be corrupted due to several reasons like abrupt system shut down, power failure, operating system malfunction and many others. After that, you cannot access any information from that volume. But no need to worry you can restore volumes on Mac OS X, 10.5 X and above using this advanced recovery application. It will also allow you to revive data from formatted volumes on Mac. We also need to recover entire volume when it gets inaccessible due to any reason. Volume header corruption is one of the reasons for which you will lose all information from that volume. Then you can use the tool to restore HFSX volume on MacBook Pro, Mac Min, and MacBook Air etc.

Volumes on Mac hard drive may also be lost due to Apple Partition Map corruption, repartitioning of hard drive etc. Partition Map is used to keep information about Mac volumes like size, location of the volume in the hard drive etc. Therefore, if it gets corrupted OS cannot find that volume and we lose that volume. Then you can easily revive the lost volume easily using this efficient partition recovery program. In all these recovery process, you can download the demo version of the utility and perform the recovery process on both computer hard disk as well as external hard disk. After evaluating its efficiency you can purchase it. It is also applicable on all versions of Windows OS. If you want to recover partition lost from external hard disk on windows 7, use this link:

Follow these steps to restore volume on Mac OS X:

Step-1: Install and launch the demo version of volume recovery tool after downloading it on your system. After that, select "Recover Volumes / Drive" option from the main window as illustrated in Fig A. Then, you have to choose "Volume Recovery" option from the next screen.

Mac OS X Volume Recovery - Main Window

Fig A: Main Window

Step-2: After that, you will see all logical volumes on the hard disk. Select the appropriate volume to restore and click on "Next" button.

Mac OS X Volume Recovery - Select Volume

Fig B: Select Appropriate Volume

Step-3: When the scanning procces is completed, all data will be shown in the next window as illustrated in Fig C. Here, you can save the recovery session to avoid further scanning.

Mac OS X Volume Recovery - Recovered Data

Fig C: Recovere Volume Data

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