MacBook Pro HFSX Volume Recovery on Lion

Did you lose data from MacBook Pro HFSX volume on Mac Lion??

Use partition recovery to get lost data from MacBook Pro HFSX volume!!!

Did you format the HFSX volume of your MacBook Pro without taking a proper backup? You just formatted the HFSX volume on Mac Lion by assuming that you have backed up all the necessary data. But after formatting the volume successfully you realized that you have not taken the backup actually!!!! All your valuable data are gone just because of you!!! You ended up in losing precious data because of your own mistake!!!

Struggling with all these thoughts is quiet natural in your case. You must have felt very upset by thinking that you have lost your important data. But here you are absolutely wrong!!!! You may be unable to see or access the formatted HFSX volume data, but they are still recoverable. The entire volume memory space is declared as free due to formatting, but the formatted data remains in their original space until that space is occupied by some other files. Therefore, you can easily restore the HFSX volume data even after formatting using software such as partition restore utility.

Before knowing much about this recovery tool, you should be familiar with some common scenarios responsible for HFSX volume loss on Mac Lion. After you get to know them, you can easily avoid occurrence of such scenarios in future.

File system corruption: File system of your MacBook Pro should be intact for proper functioning of Mac Lion. However, the file system of the HFSX volume can be corrupted due to various reasons like improper system shut down, power outage, operating system malfunction etc. As a result the volume becomes inaccessible to the user.

Improper use of Sudo command: Sudo command lines are mainly used to obtain the administrator status temporarily. You can easily modify the file privileges using these commands. HFSX volume data can be lost due to improper usage of Sudo command on Mac Lion.

Apple partition map corruption: The HFSX volume can be inaccessible to the user due to Apple partition map corruption. The partitioning scheme might get damaged due to power fluctuation, virus attack, accidental system shut down, disk utility failure etc.

Volume Header Corruption: If the header of the HFSX volume on MacBook Pro gets corrupt due to any reason the entire volume become inaccessible to the user. Generally the volume header stores essential information about that particular volume that is used to access the volume data. Therefore, any corruption in the Volume header makes the entire volume handicapped.

To avoid permanent loss of the HFSX volume data on Mac Lion, do not save ant new data or do not install any software in to that volume. You can install the volume recovery utility on any other volume apart from the affected HFSX volume. The volume recovery tool you have chosen should be read only software that does not affect the original content of the lost data.

However, using Partition recovery Tool you can effortlessly restore all the data of the HFSX volume on Mac Lion.

The special features of this software include, recovery of inaccessible data from HFS and HFS+ volume on Mac OS X, 10.5 X above. It is designed with advanced technology that enables it to retrieve lost or deleted FAT32 and FAT16 partitions from USB drives and from hard drives. This utility also supports volume recovery on various popular models like MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini etc. It supports partition recovery on Windows operating system as well. The utility enables you to recover lost partition from External HDD on Windows 7 after power failure or file system corruption. In case you have lost the partition data due to common human error, this software also helps you to retrieve you precious data. It can easily restore NTFS partition data from HP Pavilion Laptop after accidental deletion or formatting. If you have lost partition data due to improper backup, the software allows you to retrieve quick formatted partition data on Western Digital hard disk. In case the partition has become RAW due to improper system shut down, operating system upgrade failure, virus invasion you cannot recognize the file system of that partition and you may los access to that partition in such cases use this application to restore RAW partition.

You can easily recover the deleted / lost HFSX volume on Mac Lion using the following steps:

Step-1: Download and install the demo version of the Volume recovery utility and launch it. After successful launching of the software select “Recover Partition / Drive” from the main Windows screen. Then choose “Volume Recovery” from the next window.

Step-2: After that select the affected volume as the logical drive from which the lost data has to be retrieved and click on “Next” to start the volume restore process. After the scanning process is over, you can view all the retrieved data from the HFSX volume along with their original folder hierarchy.

To avoid data loss from MacBook Pro HFSX volume in future, you should use an UPS to avoid volume corruption due to power fluctuation. Use updated antivirus software in your Mac computer to avoid corruption due to virus infection. The best tip to avoid data loss is take backup of your valuable Mac OS X data regularly.

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