Recover NTFS partition data from HP Pavilion Laptop

Easily Recover NTFS Partition on HP Laptop

Need to restore NTFS partition from Your HP Pavilion Laptop???

Try partition recovery program to restore lost NTFS partition data just in few clicks!!!

One fine day, you found yourself unable to read, write, copy, move or delete to / from the NTFS file system partition of your HP Pavilion Laptop. The NTFS partition containing all your important data suddenly became inaccessible and you are absolutely clueless to what just happened to you!!!

At first you must have tried various ways to access the partition but failed. But don’t be disheartened!! This is because; the NTFS partition data are not lost forever. You can still get back your access to your most important data. The lost data will be still there in the NTFS partition. You can easily retrieve those inaccessible data using a NTFS partition recovery tool.

However, the reasons behind such type of problem may be many but the main reasons are:

The files use ACL: You may be unable to perform read / write operations on files if they use ACL (Access Control List). However, you can change the file permissions by taking ownership of files. If the file uses non-canonical ACL, then you may not be able to use some security tools to change file permissions.

The other factors responsible for this scenario are like File path issue; file name containing reserve names, file name having an invalid name or file system corruption.

Other than this particular scenario, there are some other scenarios in which data from NTFS partition can be deleted or lost. Some of them are described briefly below:

Deleting Files from Encrypted NTFS partition: NTFS file system uses Encrypted File System (EFS) that offers a core file corruption technique to store encrypted files. The encrypted files are safe from unauthorized access. However, in certain scenario, the logical partition may get crash, if you delete some files from the encrypted Windows hard drive. Such situations lead to severe data loss from NTFS partition.

NTFS partition loss during disk related operations: The NTFS partition from your HP Pavilion Laptop can be lost while performing various disk related operations like hard drive repartitioning or reformatting. Any interruption during these disk related operation leads to NTFS partition loss.

During disk conversion: The NTFS partition can be accidentally deleted when you try to convert your HP Pavilion laptops disk from dynamic to basic. This might happen due to user mistake of unreliable disk management utility. The NTFS partition data can also be lost if you want to convert a partition from NTFS to FAT.

If you have lost your NTFS partition data from your HP Pavilion due to any of the above scenarios, no need to worry!!! Partition recovery tool is always there for you with smart solution to restore HD partitions. However, you need to be aware of few precautionary steps to avoid overwriting of lost NTFS data. You should not use the hard drive containing the lost / deleted NTFS partition. Do not reformat or defrag the hard disk after the NTFS partition data is lost.

The features of this software that will help you to restore deleted / lost NTFS partition data are as follows:

It scans and searches the entire hard drive for the lost NTFS partition data and restores them effectively. The software helps you to restore NTFS partition lost during any disk related operations, even after reinstallation of the operating system. In case you have lost partition data due to quick formatting, the software can recover quick formatted partition files from WD hard drive. It supports partition recovery on various popular hard drive brands like Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, Buffalo and many more. Not only hard drives, the software is capable enough to recover partition data from USB external drives, FireWire drives etc. It also allows you to restore lost partition from external HDD on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and many more popular version of Microsoft Windows family. Apart from NTFS partition recovery in Windows, the software can also restore HFSX volume on MacBook Pro Lion using its Mac version. This version of the software handles all data loss scenarios in Macintosh computer provided the data should not be overwritten.

Note: Click on and get easy instructions to restore lost partition on Mac.

The few easy steps those are essential to restore NTFS partition data from HP laptop are as follows:

Step-1: Download and install the demo version of partition recovery tool on any healthy computer’s hard drive. Connect the hard drive containing deleted/lost NTFS partition to it. After launching the software, select “Recover Partitions / Drives” from the main screen. Then select any of the two options from the next screen that suits your partition loss scenario.

Step-2: After that choose the connected hard drive as the logical drive to be recovered and click on “Next”. Once partition recovery process is over you can view all the recovered data from your NTFS partition.

Always take proper backup of your important partition in order avoid data loss in future. While performing any disk related operation read all the instructions carefully and then proceed.

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