Restore Quick Formatted Partition Files on Western Digital Hard Disk

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Lost partition files on WD hard disk drive due to “Quick Format”?

Western Digital, often called as WD is one of the leading computer hard drive manufacturer. Despite its lucrative features and affordable price, WD hard disk is still not free of data loss. One of the most common data loss scenarios, faced by most of the computer users is, partition data loss after quick formatting.

Think of a scenario, where you have quick formatted your WD hard drive just to enhance the system performance. After quick formatting the hard drive, you tried to restore the hard drive data from the backup files. Then you realized that you have not taken a backup of the hard drive data!!!! You actually forgot to take a backup!!!! You must have cursed yourself for this silly mistake. You actually wanted to increase the system performance; instead you ended up losing your valuable hard drive data!!! But what should you do now??? Is there any way to get back the formatted hard drive data???

Yes, of course!!!! You can restore the data from the quick formatted WD hard drive. The partition data remain intact in the memory space even after quick format. All you have to do is, select a reliable Partition Recovery Software and retrieve all the partition data. However, you need to be very careful so as not to overwrite the formatted partition data with any new files. This is because; once some other files occupy the space of the formatted partition files, then the lost files will be permanently replaced. Therefore, do not save nay new files to the Western Digital hard drive after it is quick formatted. With the help of this software you will retrieve missing partitions data lost due to partitioning errors, unintentional formatting of wrong partition, etc.

Time factor is not the only difference between quick format and full format. Actually in full format the entire hard disk is scanned for bad sectors and then removes the access pointer of the formatted partition files. But in quick format the hard drive is not scanned for bad sectors. That is why; quick format takes less time than full format.

Though, quick format is mainly done to enhance the system performance still there are some other scenarios where you might quick format the hard disk.

  • To make the hard drive virus free: Antivirus checkers are used to remove virus the hard drive. But sometimes, the Antivirus programs also fail to remove virus from the WD hard disk. In such cases, you need to quickly format the Western Digital hard disk. However, you need to restore the formatted hard drive data in the absence of a proper data backup.
  • During operating system re-install: You may quick format the WD hard drive while reinstalling the operating system or while resolving any OS related issues. If you have taken backup in such cases, then you are lucky enough. Otherwise, you need to use partition restore tool to get back the formatted partition files.
  • While installing multiple operating system: While installing more than one OS on the same hard drive, you need to format the partition where the OS is to be installed. However, the partition files might be lost if you select the wrong partition to quick format.

Even, you can use this program to retrieve files from quick formatted partition. It does not affect the original contents of the files and it employs a complete automated restoration process to get back all the lost partition data. It can successfully carry out Windows 7 partition recovery on external hard drive, USB flash drive, FireWire drives etc. As you find your crucial data inaccessible from USB drive partition, you can make use of this advanced program to rescue lost, formatted or deleted removable drive partitions. The software helps you to recover data from FAT16, FAT32 and ExFAT partition on Windows OS. It also allows you to restore data from NTFS formatted partition from HP Laptop after accidental formatting or disk conversion process. The software is also capable enough to recover native file system like HFS and HFS+ on Mac OS X. It can retrieve MacBook Pro HFSX volume data on Mac Lion even after installation of the operating system. You can evaluate effectiveness of this software by using its demo version.

The steps, required to restore quick formatted partition files on the WD hard disk drive are mentioned below:

Step-1: Download and install the demo version of WD partition restore tool on any healthy computer’s hard drive. Connect your Western Digital HDD to it. Select “Recover Partitions / Drives” option from the main screen, after launching the software. Then select “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” from the next screen according to your scenario.

Step-2: After that choose the connected WD hard drive as the logical drive to be recovered and click on “Next”. Once partition recovery process is over you can view all the recovered data from your formatted partition.

To avoid partition loss in the future, always backup your important files before formatting a partition / drive. Use updated antivirus program to get rid of the virus. Use an UPS to avoid accidental system shut down due to power fluctuation.

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