Recover Windows Partition

Ways to recover data from Windows partition:

Windows is an Operating System from Microsoft Corporation. It is designed such that it is compatible with almost all the brands of computers. Windows is well known for the simplicity of the user interface and its cost effectiveness. There has been a gradual innovation in the Operating System from years. You can notice it in the versions of the Windows Operating Systems. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 which is the latest release of Operating System from Windows, are the most commonly used Operating Systems of Windows. The Operating System needs a File System to maintain the records of files and operations that can be performed on the files. You can have NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT file systems on Windows OS of your computer.

At times it happens that you lose data from the Windows partition or you may lose the partition itself from the computer. Suppose, your friend is busy in some work and you try to do some of his work to reduce his work. You remember that he had to delete a partition on his computer and you do it for him. When, your friend comes to know about the partition deletion, instead of appreciating, he yells at you. You had deleted a wrong partition and you had proved that you are a typical friend by doubling the trouble of your friend. What can be done now? Are all the data on the partition are gone forever? No, the data is still there on the physical hard drive of the computer. You can recover Windows partition which was deleted by mistake using software to recover partition.

Common scenarios of partition loss:

Partition mount fail: The Operating System fails to mount the partition when it doesn’t have proper information of the partition. But the files are still present on the hard drive but not accessible, that can be recovered using recovery tool. Partition recovery software helps you recover the files from the partition on Windows OS.

Accidental format: When the hard drive is formatted, the partitions on the drive will be lost. Hence the files on the partition will also be lost. It is a tradition to backup the files before formatting as the files will be deleted after format. If you have formatted accidentally then you might not be having the backup of the files. Partition recovery software helps you to recover the HD partition on Windows in smart and effective way.

File system corruption: The file system may get corrupted because of virus attack, power surge, system crash, etc. The file system maintains the record of files and the operations that can be performed on the files. The Operating System refers to the file system for the information about the files. If the file system files are corrupted then the partition will be lost. In such situations, you can recover the Windows partitions using recovery software. Partition recovery software is one such reliable recovery software that can help to restore volumes also on Mac operating system. If you want to restore volumes on Mac computer in some easy steps click here.

OS reinstallation: Reinstallation of Operating System helps you in overcoming virus infection and other issues with the Operating System. When the Operating System is reinstalled, the partitions will be lost from the computer. You will lose all the data on the computer in such situations. You can recover the Windows partitions after reinstallation using recovery software. Partition recovery software helps you to recover Windows partitions.

Important features of partition recovery software:

The partition recovery software helps you recovering partition and hence the files in it. It can recover partitions which are lost or deleted. It can even recover quick formatted partition files on Western Digital hard drive. It supports brands like HP, Western Digital, Transcend, Sony, Kingston, Toshiba and so on. The software can easily find a smart technique to restore deleted partition from all those types of hard drives.. The software supports recovery of not only partition but also recovery of data lost for simple data deletion. You can restore NTFS partition data from HP Pavilion laptop using the software. The software supports recovery of data from hard drive, external hard drive, memory card, pen drive, iPods which are detectable by the Operating System of your computer. The recovery process is of very short period and you can save the recovery session. The software supports recover lost partition from external hard drive on Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista Operating System.

Follow few important steps to recover Windows partition using partition recovery software as given below:

Step-1: Download the partition recovery software and install it on the computer. Launch the software and select “Recover Partitions / Drives” option from the main page of the software wizard.

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step-2: Select "Partition Recovery" option to recover partitions from the hard drive of the computer.

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Figure 2: Select Partition Recovery

Srep-3: Select the hard drive and scan for the lost or deleted partition. You can recover the files from the partition by again scanning it, once it is detected by the software. The scan result is displayed in two views and the files can be previewed. You can save the files on a drive of the computer.

Figure 3: Recovered File List

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